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We want to give the african population the opportunity to finance themselves and their families, so that everyone no longer suffers from hunger, children can go to school, the health system improves, and finally the general prosperity increases step by step.


And all this in harmony with nature, and in sustainable processes.

First contacts to locals in Tanzania in 2015 moved over to a concrete business network. This network now allows us to go from there international. With fully natural products. With verified export licences. Together with locals.



Christian M. Winzenried        CFO, President of the Executive board

Kate Kasper                            CEO, Member of the Executive board


Head Office:                           AfriComSol Ltd, Dar es Salaam / Tanzania

           CEO                              Kate Kasper

           COO                             Edwin J. Lutiga


Rep. Office UAE:                    AfriComSol Ltd. c/o AfriTradeCom Ltd, Sharjah / UAE

           Managing Director      Kate Kasper

           Sales Manager/CMO  D. Vegas Azadagly

Rep. Office Switzerland:         AfriComSol Ltd. c/o Janus Management Ltd, Rümlang / Switzerland 

           Managing Director       Christian M. Winzenried


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